Twitter share their fascination on Mizoram's shops without shopkeepers culture

Smrithi Mohan
Jun 22, 2020 08:26 IST
shops without shopkeepers

Mizoram's shops without shopkeeper culture is all about trust and honesty and had left Twitterati amazed and happy.

The Internet can't stop smiling after a Twitter account shared a post showing trust in humans. Times have changed and it has become difficult for everyone and anyone to trust people. At times when we don't even lend someone a pen, this post on Twitter has us all thinking. The post shows an interesting tradition in Mizoram called 'Nghah Loh Dawr' culture Of Mizoram where they have shops without shopkeepers.

One will find shops alongside the highway of Seling in Mizoram without even a single shopkeeper around them. These shops run solely on the idea of trust and let customers take anything by putting the money in the deposit box kept nearby. The shop only has items one can purchase and a deposit box. Fascinating, isn't it? People on Twitter are amazed and surprised at knowing such a fact. They had a lot of positive things to share after the post went online.

Check out their reaction to the shops without shopkeepers:


— Sakei (@Sakei55736398) June 20, 2020


Feature Image source: Twitter

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