This Mobile Photography for Instagram Workshop is a must for every Content Creator

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This Mobile Photography for Instagram Workshop is a must for every Content Creator

If you're a Content Creator looking for ways to give your Instagram feed and photos an edge over the others, then don't miss this Mobile Photography for Instagram Workshop!

Content creation has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. The field is being pursued by thousands of people who want to engage Instagram users with their visual content. But not every post is as engaging as the other and the major contributor to this difference is the quality and the skills used to take a picture or video. Whether you're creating content for travel destinations, lifestyle, food or capturing the pulse of a city and its people, a slight difference in the framing and quality of every photo can go a long way into creating a visually engaging feed. And before you think you only need a fancy and expensive camera and attachments, let us tell you that's not the case. You can click stunning, engaging and double-tap worthy photos using your phone too. And that's why Social Ketchup is proud to host the first-ever guest workshop on to help aspiring Content Creators out there. It is called Mobile Photography for Instagram Workshopw. It will be hosted by Mr. Saurabh Singh (Founder, Mobigraphy) on 9th August, 2020.



About This Workshop

The best camera you can have is the camera you have in your hand. And we always have our phone camera handy. You don't have to invest in a fancy DSLR camera to click pictures specially for your Social Media usage. One can click beautiful pictures with mobile phone cameras by keeping just a few things in mind.

This class is ideal for beginners interested in mobile photography and those who just want to learn some tips and tricks to make everyday photography for the feed more interesting and engaging.

Welcome to the Course

In this course, you will learn the basics of Mobile Photography and how to capture and edit beautiful photos that can be used on Instagram or any other social media platform. You will learn how to set the phone camera and other apps you can use to enhance your pictures. Whether you are Creator or an Instragmmer to cast magic on your feed with beautiful well-captured photos this workshop is for you!


- How to set your phone camera and the features to take care of

- Creating an Engaging photo

- Tips and Tricks to keep in mind

- Apps that you can use to capture photos

- Basic Editing and the apps to use

- Instagram Tweaks

- How to grow as a Mobile photographer

- Questions and Answers session

Don't waste another minute and CLICK HERE to register yourself for the Mobile Photography for Instagram Workshop!

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