For our daily dose of ‘WTF’ news, Indian politicians remain our top source of WEIRD AF statements. Today, Congress leader Alpesh Thakor, in the midst of Gujarat Elections, said ‘Modi has become fair by eating imported mushrooms.’

While the statement is obviously hyperbole, and intended to create a ‘Us Vs Them’ narrative based on financial status among the voters, the out-of-context reporting of it has wreaked a havoc of mushroom memes on Twitter. As usual, it doesn’t take time for these guys to unleash a tidal wave of topical jokes and wisecracks, and that streak wasn’t going to break today.

Like the laws of Physics, these guys applied the theory of imported mushrooms to just about every possible person in the world, and the results, DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

1. Jay Bhat? Tanmay Shah? 

2. Gandalf ate mushrooms? WTF

3. Wow Diljit looked so different earlier

4. Wow I’m really learning of new things today.

5. Mother of God! Those glasses 

6. Hahaha

7. That is amazing editing.

8. Get it ? Get it?

9. Michael Lever is best.

10. Cmon this was literally in the movie itself. Laziest meme ever!

11. Kahan se kahan xxxDDDDDD

12. I’m starting to think I need these mushrooms if they give abs also.

13. I’m dead.

Go go, go to the market and get some mushrooms!