Moments from recent films and TV shows that stayed with us

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moments from recent films and shows

From Cinderella, Cruella, to Sex Education and Kota Factory, these recent films and TV shows had moments that touched us and stayed with us even after the end!

These past months we've been bombarded with new and exciting content all across OTT platforms. Some we've waited for a long time and some that got us excited after their release. Overall, there was a lot to watch and consume that kept us busy. But there were some TV shows and films that left us feeling a lot even after their end. No matter how they were as an entire series or film there were some moments from recent films and TV shows that left a lot with us and stayed with us even after they finished. Whether it was Jeetu Bhaiya's gyaan in Kota Factory season 2 or Cinderella's wokeness in Amazon's Cinderella, there were some moments that spoke louder than the TV show or the film itself.

Here are some of the moments from some recent films and TV shows that touched our hearts and stayed with us longer!

Kota Factory season 2- Netflix

This season of Kota Factory was Jeetu Bhaiya shining over and of course, all his gyaan made sense and taught non-engineering people as well! While he gave us Hindi ka Awesome, masturbation is alright, 2's table concept, and many more gyaan.

But there was one particular gyaan that hit us and stayed with us much longer. It was when he taught us about having Aims rather than Dreams.

A little extra dose of Jeetu Bhaiya by Netflix!

Cruella - Disney+ Hotstar

Well while Disney's Cruella went on to show a different side of a classic villain Cruella, there was something that she left us with too. And no it's not just the accent. A perfect tagline that is just what the women of this century needed, "I am a woman, hear me roar".

But more than that she explained what being a villain truly means that people just need someone to pin the blame on and that is the truth of life!

People do need a villain to believe in, so I'm happy to fit the bill. -  MagicalQuote

And even Cruella's villain who is really cruel and mean, gives kind of right and practical advice, you can't help but adore her for just being her!


Cinderella- Amazon Prime Video

Amazon's Cinderella came with a really woke approach with a godperson, a redefined stepmother who was practical to the uber-cool RAP announcements.

But when Cinderella explains why she could be the prince's princess it all makes sense, it's not like she doesn't like him or love him but if it really is a choice then she has to choose herself, ya you go woman be that one in a million!


And when Cinderella doesn't want a label for herself we guess she believes in what David said about, 'I like the wine and not the label' and we like it too!


Sex Education season 3- Netflix

With a lot of growing-up and friendships that broke stereotypes from Maeve and Aimee's being each other mother's friendship to Otis and Eric's breaking bromance stereotypical friendship.

But when Jean tells Aimee that it was not her fault that the sexual assault happened, it's just pure therapeutic! Don't you think Jean Milburn is the therapist we all really need!

And Adam and his poem for Eric are healing as well as fill your eyes up with tears, it's like a beautiful tragedy!

Mumbai Dairies 26/11- Amazon Prime Video

This show showed us the hard truth that the doctors face and they are the people that look at the human body and not the character. And even the value of seeing a human, not the religion.

But when Dr. Kaushik Oberoi tells Diya in the midst of a terrorist attack that it’s okay to ask for help when you’re struggling with mental health and don't be sorry about the problem. That is all that one needs to hear!


And most of all when Dr. Chitra asks Dr. Kaushik to be more like a woman, we all got that how sometimes we all to be a woman and do what it takes, even men!


Money Heist Part 5 Vol. 1

The show broke our hearts into a million pieces by killing off one of the very strong, bold, and popular character Tokyo and left us in the midst of many questions.

But this moment when Tokyo tells us about living many lives will be etched in our hearts forever as it taught us a valuable lesson too!


What are your favorite moments from recent films and shows that really touched your heart and stayed with you even after the END? Do tell us in the comments below!

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