10 moments in Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives season 2 I absolutely couldn't relate to!

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Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives season 2

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives season 2 is an absolute guilty pleasure but also has some first-world problems of its own!

Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives season 2 revolves around four divas of the showbiz world, Maheep Kapoor, Seema Khan, Bhavana Panday, and Neelam Kothari. All of us watch their (like the title suggests) dramatic and fabulous lives with a lot of envy but there are times when I couldn't help but roll my eyes. You can call it cringe-worthy, you can call it exaggerated but we watch episode after episode and see the drama unfold. It always keeps you interested no matter what. Because who doesn't love peeping into what the everyday Bollywood world looks like? But now that the binging is over, most of us can agree that the B-Town folks live in a whole other universe of their own. I simply cannot relate or even imagine doing those kinds of shenanigans in my not-so-fabulous life!

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These 10 moments from the show can only happen in their diva central!

Are they really friends?

This one's a real head-scratcher! While watching the show, you'll often wonder if they really like each other or not. 7 out of 8 episodes is just them fighting with each other whether it's behind one's back or when they're casually hanging out. They barely get along and their constant clashes make you think that they've dragged their friendship way longer than they should have. How they behave with one another is definitely not how I behave with my girl squad!


How easily Shanaya Kapoor signed a Dharma film

In the first episode itself, Maheep Kapoor proudly flaunts that her daughter, Shanaya has signed a Dharma film. Karan Johar personally called her parents to give them the news. While nepotism has become an old and outdated debate, I really saw just how easy the star kids have it on this show. Also, her extravagant birthday surprise was planned by her mom and cousin, Arjun Kapoor, where her introduction video played in the theatres even before her first film was released! Definitely, something I can't relate to!

Their rule to keep their friends above their own lives

We know they love their little kitty parties but the episode where Seema and Maheep taunt Neelam for going MIA after getting married and when her father was sick was super weird to watch. Sometimes life happens and you have to make certain things your priority, and if not our friends then who else will understand that? Thankfully, I don't have friends like that!


Karan Johar's constant need to be a part of every group!

It's pretty explanatory now that he wants to be omnipresent. He's the human version of what FOMO looks like. If you thought Bollywood wives were dramatic, then Karan is definitely an amplified version of them. And if that wasn't enough, he even said he wants to be part of Shanaya, Suhana, Ananya, and Navya's group chat as well. No uncle of mine seems to be that invested in my life!


Botox and Fillers

While we break our heads over our outfits and sometimes even end up repeating them eventually, these Bollywood wives take it a notch higher with botox and fillers, just to look good for a party. This is not just super unrelatable but also very graphic to watch. Showing a needle being pierced into Seema's face while she injects herself with her own blood felt like a horror movie segment.


Needing someone to carry their things!

What's wrong with carrying your own things? We understand that they're filthy rich and can hire people for every small thing but c'mon! Do you really need someone to carry your water bottles? BRB, gonna go lift my lunch box and heavy laptop bag to work!


They know they live in Mumbai and not makeshift LA right?

Honestly, most of the show never feels like it's shot in Mumbai even though it's where they stay. It's a delusional LA where the four of them speak bare minimum Hindi. No really! There is no command over the language whatsoever. I can guarantee with all my heart that you and I don't speak Hindi in that accent and if we did, we'd definitely be laughed at by friends and put in our place by family!


Maheep's binocular stalking

Seriously what even is that? Even my nosiest neighbors don't do that! How can one go to this extent to know what's happening in her vicinity? That's not even FOMO; that's just straight-up creepy stalking.


It's my way or the highway

Samir Soni who is Neelam Kothari's husband is actually one of the most relatable people on the show, but in a scene where he asks her if she'd really want him to go through that much anxiety by coming to lunch and impressing her friends, Neelam blatantly says yes without even thinking about it. There have been so many moments where the poor guy has gone out of his way to keep her happy. As partners, you're supposed to be equals and not anyone's slave. More so, I don't see my future husband doing that!


Unfortunately, we don't have Ranveer Singh showering all his love on us

Okay, this one's totally on us! Not going to lie! We're so jealous of that entire sequence where Ranveer Singh is dancing for them, picking them up, and to top it all, they get to see him completely shirtless. Not everyone is lucky enough to walk into Ranveer Singh's film set whenever they feel like it and be entertained by him!


Love them or hate them, but you definitely cannot ignore them!

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