Deal with the MONDAY BLUES Harvey Specter way!

Aniket Sawant
Feb 25, 2019 06:19 IST
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Harvey Specter

Want to shove off your MONDAY BLUES the perfect way? Look no further, Harvey Specter is here to save your Monday and rest of the week that lies ahead.

Known for his sassy remarks and witty comebacks, Harvey Specter has become a household name, who is extremely charming, persuasive, and playful personality catches the eyes of almost everyone he meets.

Here are some of his most popular quotes about smart work that Will Shoo Away Your Monday Blues

Beat the S**t out of MONDAY!

Own your MONDAY like a BOSS!

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Harvey: Anyone can do my job but no one can be me. —Gabriel Macht aka Suits’ Harvey Specter I decided a while back to save my own words for me and my art... and I started using words from films, books and music I like to express myself on these platforms... but gonna make an exception on this “special” occasion use my own words too. So... Remember what Harvey said in that quote the next time you try to go against me. You know who you are. And NOW you definitely know who I am. Get your aim right and come again. Or maybe just fall back. You can’t compete. Too much ground to make up. While you’re fighting hard to get hard and tear it up, I’m over here constantly working to NOT wild out, follow my first instinct and tear EVERYTHING up. We’re just not playing the same game. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. I haven’t survived this long because I’m a “nice” guy. Fair, yes. Nice, no. I can take it places google maps don’t even know about. #thinkagain #idothis #notonmylevel #truthinart #screenwriting #filmmaking #filmmaker #suits #harveyspecter #gabrielmacht #philosophy #artofthegame

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Excuses are for LOSERS.

Hatred is for the WEAK.

Enough of that BLAME GAME!

Put in the SMART work!

Only you can FIX your MONDAY and nobody else. Have this mentality and get ahead of them Monday Blues.

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