Monsoon skincare guide - Beauty Content Creator Anjani Ranubhoj shares her tips

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Monsoon skincare

Beauty Content Creator Anjani Ranubhoj shares her guide to a proper monsoon skincare routine.

The seasons keep changing, it is hot sometimes or cold. No matter what the season is if there is something that stays the same is our need to maintain our routine to keep ourselves healthy. While a lot is talked about eating healthy and taking care of our health, if there is anything that we often tend to ignore is our skin. With each season, our skin also tends to suffer and undergo a lot. The monsoons also have their own challenges on our skin that needs to be taken care of. Having monsoon skincare may seem like a routine one can hardly care to follow, but is something that you need to have.

We all know that the monsoon is not just a time of romantic weather, lush green everywhere and a reason for us to work from home. It is also a time for snacks deep fried in oil. The results can be seen on our skin from all these unhealthy snacks. Not to forget the uncertain nature of the weather. It is either humid, cold or warm and that has its own effect on our skin. So it is important to have a proper monsoon skincare routine.

Beauty content creator Anjani Ranubhoj believes that every season invites its own set of challenges, and it is crucial to tackle them differently. Being part of the beauty industry has helped her understand the various tips and tricks that work on her skin. With a bunch of trial and error, she has recognised the importance of taking care of her skin and makes sure to maintain a routine in each season. The steps might differ considering the season, but she makes sure to have one no matter the season. When it comes to monsoons she recommends 'to avoid any scrubbing, heavy skincare, or makeup routine.'


For any skincare routine, there are certain basic steps that one must follow. When it comes to monsoons it is no different. One step that Anjani considers to be the most important part is to stay hydrated. "I cannot emphasize enough the importance of hydrating. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day." A step that she suggests one should avoid is using any makeup, especially foundations since it can clog your pores. "You can replace blush with tints and use a waterproof mascara for your eyes instead of kajal or eye-liner.”

It is also part of her minimal monsoon makeup looks that she recommends people can try. “This is probably the easiest and lightest makeup look for me. On most days I use a  waterproof mascara with a lip and cheek tint for a fresh and natural look.”

And if there is one product or element of skincare that one must not skip even during monsoons is sunscreen. She recognises how people might consider that it can be avoided on cloudy days but she emphasises how important and necessary it is to protect our skin no matter the weather.

Check out Anjani Ranubhoj's step-by-step routine that you can follow:

Due to the increase in humidity during monsoon, I prefer double cleansing my face. My routine goes something like this:

- Micellar water  

- Mild face wash, mainly Cetaphil

- Toner

- Hyaluronic acid serum

- Sunscreen (During the day) / Night cream (During night)

- I skip moisturizers completely because my skin has a normal texture


Hope these tips help you take care of your skin!

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