Check out these amazing Indian RJs who bring something new to their listeners everyday.

The options for entertainment have widened and how over the years. There are a bunch of platforms that we can lean onto kick off our boredom. But one thing that everyone loved and admired before entertainment changed over the years are the radios. Radio and radio shows have always been an important part of Indian households. And these Indian RJs have made sure to up their game as well over the years.

The Radio Jockeys are the ones that keep us entertained and hooked to the radio. Their shows manage to make our traffic time more interesting and bearable. There are many Indian RJs who enjoy their own share of popularity and fan base for the amazing show that they put on. We have made a list of such Indian RJs who continue to work their charm on the listeners.

Take a look at these Indian RJs:

RJ Malishka
Radio station: Superhits Red FM 93.5
Show: Morning number 1

RJ Sayema
Radio Station: Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM
Show: Purani Jeans

RJ Naved
Radio Station: Radio Mirchi 98.3
Show: Mirchi Murga

RJ Ameen Sayani
Radio Station: All India Radio
Show: Binaca Geetmala

RJ Anuraag Pandey
Radio station: Fever 104 FM
Show: Picture Pandey

RJ Pritam
Radio Station: Superhits Red FM 93.5
Show: Gyarah Se Do Bhabhi Ka Show

RJ Archana Pania
Radio Station: Radio City
Show: Kasa Kai Mumbai

RJ Neelesh Mishra
Radio Station: BIG FM 92.7 Big FM.
Show: Yaadon Ka IdiotBox with Neelesh Misra

RJ Raunac
Radio Station: Superhits Red FM 93.5
Show: Main Baua Bol Raha Hun

RJ Mandy
Radio station: 93.5 Red FM
Show: Red Murga

RJ Khurafati Nitin

Radio station: Fever 104 FM
Show: Jock the talk

RJ Balaji Patturaj
Radio station: 92.7 Big FM
Show: Cross Talk

RJ Shagufta Ahmed
Radio station: Radio Indigo FM

RJ Michelle Patrao
Radio station: Radio Indigo

RJ Disha Oberoi
Radio station: Red FM

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