Mothers share two cents on being environmentally friendly

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Mothers on environment day

On the occasion of Environmental Day, Saloni Rathee & Saumya Nair from The Indi-Mum's Tribe shares the practices that a new mom can follow to reduce plastic in her kid's life and develop sustainable habits.

Mother and Mother Earth, the two quintessential offerings of the almighty are responsible for not only creating and curating life but also sustaining it. Any negligence in performing its role by either of them can be cataclysmic.

The Mother Earth has suffered immensely because of the irresponsible consumption of mankind. Pandemic has worked as a reminder forcing the world to think and act immediately.

Saloni Rathee, a mother to a two-year-old, believes that the basic practice of breastfeeding can also save an immense amount of resources. We don't realize the carbon footprint of production, packaging, and distribution of breast milk alternatives. She continues to breastfeed her child and believes that mothers can play a big role in creating conscious and sustainable habits.

The Indi-Mum’s tribe is a growing community of Mothers, largely focusing on uplifting mothers across cities/nations/caste/color to be able to share their raw and unapologetic motherhood. We asked our tribe, as to how are they empowering and nurturing values amongst their children and what are they doing to save the planet.

Considering the environmental impact of production and waste management of disposable diapers

Many parents are making the choice of cloth diapers. There is also a small but steadily growing resurgence of interest in the practice of making the baby diaper-free sooner. Saumya Nair Founder of Indi Mums Tribe and a mother to two boys express that parents are driving forces that can make phenomenal changes in habits and thus their environmental impacts. Parents who follow nature's plan and nurture the baby into becoming an eco-friendly baby are likely to provide an ecosystem of conscious consumers for tomorrow.

We asked mothers of The Indi-Mums' tribe how they do their bit in this direction. Looks like we uncovered a goldmine of habits that can become the foundations of a sustainable childhood and future! Have a look-

● Prefer hand-me-downs. Cloth diapers and nappies can also be preloved if you think about it!

The textile industry not only consumes a lot of water but is also one of the biggest polluters. The carbon footprint of making and transporting the garments are also ridiculously high.

● Buy preloved toys and gears. Let's just accept it, it's a lot of plastic in the kid's nursery !

● Replace the non-degradable wipes with a wet cotton cloth. Sometimes the best you can give to the baby is actually just water!

● Encourage activities and playtime with natural things like sand, water, plants, stones, etc. Many DIYs can be just created out of scraps

● Replace the stash of baby care products from the market with homemade butter, ghee, and oils. As natural as it gets for the baby with minimal carbon footprint!

Mothers on environment day