8 Must Watch Movies Based on Social Media!

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8 Must Watch Movies Based on Social Media!

Social media has definitely shrunk the world to the size of a pea. However, the world of social media itself is not so. It is a pitiable fallacy that social media is all about Facebook,Twitter, hashtags, Flicker, YouTube etc. It is so vast that one cannot describe it in a line.

Here is the list of movies that tried to cover various branches of social networking. Few were a rage while others vanished the moment they entered the theatres. Nevertheless, their sincere attempts can definitely be noted and so, here you go!

The Social Network (2010)

The Social Network movie poster

Of course, this David Fincher venture was the most anticipated movie of 2010, as it spiced up every aspect of Facebook, from its origin to the controversies. The snappy dialogues, enticing story line and the fact that it was all about “FACEBOOK”, gave it a compelling aura! “They don’t have roads. But they have internet.” How true! The phrase “Facebook me” became viral. Having an Imdb rating of 7.8, it is worth the watch! After all, it is about the vein of the social media!

 The Catfish (2010)

The Catfish Movie Poster

Starring the Schulman brothers, ‘The Catfish’ is an American documentary, which is a silent sequel to ‘The Social Network”. If the latter is all about Facebook, the former is a candid depiction of Facebook’s impact on people’s lives. Though Facebook has been a great platform for social networking, it has its own share of cons. The major one being, people losing their identities, trying to project themselves as someone else. This movie deploys the repugnant face of Facebook through Angela, who has multiple Facebook accounts to escape reality. Though it highlights the darker side of Facebook, it ends on a happy note. One of its kind I’d say!

Pirates Of Silicon Valley (1999)

Pirates of Silicon Valley Movie poster

There was a sense of dilemma on deciding whether to include this movie here or not. There would be no skyscrapers without foundations. No internet without a strong OS. Internet owes its development to the two giants in the cyber world- Apple and Microsoft. Hence, this movie. This 95-minute movie, directed by Martyne Burke, scrutinizes the rivalry between the two OS giants. A deep fascination for Bill Gates and Steve Jobs dawns within us, as we sit through the movie. It inspires us. Triggers our passion. Changes our views about these two lords. It slits the image of Gates and Jobs, as it concentrates on their dark side. A movie set on negative base which intrigues us to undertake further research.




Hackers (1995)


“There is no right or wrong. There is only fun and boring”.

The movie stormed the theatres when it came in, for it introduced people to the fascinating world of hacking when internet was just clearing its ground. Hacking might seem like the clichéd bread and butter combo in 2014. However, in 1995, it was something new and onerous. Starring Angelina Jolie, this film is about a bunch of egotistical geeks, who put their brains together to crash the Secret Service. It is taut and racy, filled with sexy actors whose intelligence shine through, with a tinge of attitude that makes us envy them.

 Julie and Julia (2009).

Julie & Julia Movie Poster

Beautiful. I am not sure if any other word can describe this movie better. It is an endearing movie, which leaves a profound impact on viewers with its simplicity. Based on a true story, it reveals the power of blogging. This movie is not one of those routine chick flicks with girly over emo dialogues and pleasant feel. Rather, it introduces us to the joys of blogging and pleasure it could give us. Cooking, blogging, books, challenge- interesting right?





The State Of Play (2011)

state of play

This fine political thriller is filled with nerve gripping scenes that push their viewers to the edge of their seats. Centered around the political arena of Washington City, it exploits the stark contrast between a normal journalist and a blogger turned journalist. It unveils the difference in their cognizance and their styles of expression. Russell Crowe’s acting prowess is visible throughout. The nuances of a blogger are dug out brilliantly in this venture.

 The Internship (2013)

The Internship Movie Poster

Anyone watching this movie would regret not having computer science as their major subject. It makes us envy every Google employee. It triggers every engineer to work his or her sweats off to be placed in Google! Yes! It features the Google recruitment process and their workplace. The vibrant Google arena, colorful slides, free food, enthralling studios, serene nap bubbles are enough to beguile us. It takes us through the enthralling ride faced by every Google aspirant and it stands apart in every way possible, be it the Muggle Quidditch match or the marketing round. At the end of 115 minutes, it leaves us with a hearty laugh and a wistful longing to be a ‘noogler’ !


Mujhse Fraandship Karoge( 2011)

Mujse fraandship karoge

I wanted to save the best for the last! So here it is! Mujhse Fraandship Karoge! A desi feel is always nice, isn’t it? Pretty girls, hot guys, silly fights, cute crushes and everything buzzing around Facebook! Trying to give a jist of this movie would be like writing down latin equations.

A hates C. C hates A. A likes B. C likes D. A sends request from D to B. C accepts it from D’s profile and they chat. So indirectly A likes C and C likes A, while they are blind to their original identities! Aargh!! It's irritating !! But ironically, the movies makes it all seem rather sweet! A cute love story, blooming through Facebook, ending in reality! You find yourself smiling throughout the movie. That’s the best thing!

It is not just these 8 movies that involve social media! Almost every movie involves it at some point of time. Social media is like Rajnikant. It gives a cameo appearance in every movie, like a seemingly trivial part, yet the main twist would lie on that particular scene! Honestly, it makes us wonder. The trend has changed. Movies and sitcoms need internet and social media’s presence, more than a hot girl's. Charming!

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