9 must-watch movies for every social media professional

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9 must-watch movies for every social media professional
Social media managers are essentially workaholics with more things on their mind than on Facebook’s servers at any given time.

Managing a social media profile is by no means a cakewalk.

Marketing and managing social media accounts, and approving and scheduling posts and creatives; quite simply keeping the wheels of the machine rolling and that can take a toll.  A social media manager unlike a computer does need to power down from time to time.

Movies are a great way to kick back and relax and what better way for a social media manager to hibernate than by watching movies that revolve around social media that not only entertain but educate.

Terms And Conditions May Apply


It is a documentary that critiques social media companies such as Facebook and Google and their perceived unethical behaviour. According to the maker of the documentary, social media companies misguide unsuspecting users who click ‘I Agree’ without reading the terms and conditions on social media websites.



It is a beautiful film about a chef who hits rock bottom and decides to return to his roots and start  a food truck business. A story of how the protagonist turns his life around and mends fences with his tech-savvy son who helps him popularize his business through social media.

The Social Network


A visual conceptualization of the birth of the world’s largest social networking platform, Facebook. The Social Network tells us the story of how a young Mark Zuckerburg created a moneymaking giant that connects people from all over the world today. A must watch if you haven’t already.



The film revolves around an analogy by one of the lead characters that warns viewers about being careful when socializing with other users on social media.

The Internship



There has always been considerable intrigue surrounding the work environment at one of the biggest corporations in the world, Google. The Internship tells the story of two salesmen, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn who are let go by their company who apply for an internship at Google but have little to no skills in the technology department.

Hard Candy

120x160 Aff Hard Candy Iris


Starring Ellen Page and Patrick Wilson, it tells the story of a 14 year old girl who comes in contact with a child molester through social media, albeit knowingly and what unfolds is an intense thriller that is not for people who do not enjoy violence.

Pirates Of Silicon Valley



It tells the story of the rise of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, pioneers of the tech world who built two of the most successful companies that to date dominate the computer and smartphone markets respectively. Wouldn’t we all want to know the story of men who built machines that allow us access to social media.

Megan Is Missing



For horror film enthusiasts, Megan Is Missing tells the story of two siblings who use social media to make new friends and one of them goes missing when she sets out to meet their new friend.


01 (1)


A hard hitting drama that tells the story of a number of characters and warns users about the dangers of overindulgence and overdependence on social media. Starring Jason Bateman among others this film is highly recommended.


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