Mrs Undercover, a story of an undercover who is also a housewife premiered on ZEE5 on April 14. Check what the Janta had to share!

Mrs Undercover is a spy comedy directed and produced by Anushree Mehta along with Abir Sengupta, Varun Bajaj, Ishan Saksena and Sunil Shah. This movie stars Radhika Apte as the undercover agent with Sumeet Vyas and Rajesh Sharma in key roles.

What happens when a housewife is suddenly called for an undercover job after 10 years of being undercover? Radhika Apte is playing Durga, a housewife and an undercover agent in Mrs Undercover. After 10 years of being a housewife, Durga is called on a job to take down a terrifying, psycho killer. The movie shows Durga’s progression from a housewife into an undercover agent taking on a mission to catch a man who is on a spree of murdering women.

Just like the movie, the Janta is also divided in two. While some didn’t find the story engaging at all, some are praising Radhika Apte for her performance. As Twitter is the main source of memes these days, ZEE 5’s Mrs Undercover made it to the meme fest for sure!

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Here’s what the Janta had to say!

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