Some creators had exciting news to share and moments to live. This weekend’s roundup covers it all.

Monday is here and so are all the reasons to find a way out of exhaustion what can be better than social media for it? From celebrating to creating, knowing about our favourite creators gives us a quick serotonin boost. Scroll through this weekend’s roundup to have all the updates.

Bhuvan Bam’s Taaza Khabar remains the most streamed OTT original in India for 4 weeks and we are not surprised but it sure calls for a celebration. Talking about celebrations, we can see a lot of them coming. Digital Creator, Disha Bharti shared a glimpse of her bachelorette party while Anirudh Sharma and Mrunal Panchal shared pictures from their engagement where they both looked adorable.

We will see Dr Tanya aka Dr Cuterus share her story on the upcoming episode of Meethika Dwivedi’s podcast ‘Meetha aur Teekha with Meethika Dwivedi’. She shared a teaser of the episode on her Instagram that has all her audience waiting. We can’t overlook Sejal Kumar’s love for fashion. She recently shared how much she likes creating Pinterest mood boards. She showed us how her Instagram, style and content has changed over time.

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Here are all that happened this weekend:

How was this weekend for you?

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