Ms Marvel's portrayal of Independence is unlike any other!

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Ms Marvel's portrayal of Independence is unlike any other!

Ms Marvel gives us all the chills with their representation of Independence that's done in a very brilliant way.

Over the years, cinema has delivered many movies that focus on Indian Independence. From talking about the Indo-Pakistan war in Border to how a strong woman helped India by sneaking in and attempting a sting operation in Raazi, movies have done a good job at representing our freedom struggle.

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While our struggle for independence has been portrayed differently over the years, the recently released Ms Marvel showcased the partition in a different light by talking about its impact on citizens who were forced to cross the border. This series covered a lot of topics that aren't spoken about in the open, and the fact it's out there for teenagers and young adults to watch shows how thoughtful and well conceptualized the show is.

Taking that last train, the cinematography in that scene is unlike anything we've seen before. Scenes like that showed us that the partition and how millions of people lost their families was also a part of the independence struggle. Whenever they took us to the 1940s, it felt like we were right there on that platform, and it was so heartbreaking to watch people struggle just to be safe.

Ms Marvel also talks about body dysmorphia and Islamaphobia and with a banner like Marvel Studios behind this series, it's great to know how many people this reaches and the awareness that it spreads.

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