Multiplayer games recommended by Indian gamers to replace card games this Diwali

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This Diwali take your game night a notch higher with these gamers recommended multiplayer games.

When it comes to Diwali, it is no just about lights and sweets. It is also about having fun with your family. Since bursting crackers is a bad option, no matter how exciting they seem, we can always spend time with our family playing games. Cards have always ruled our Diwali game nights. But its time we cousins have our own game nights as elders do their thing.

Multiplayer games have become quite popular and there are many gamers on YouTube you have made it big with their live streams. Since pandemic, everything has been happening on the screen and its time we take the Diwali fun digital too. We have made a list of multiplayer games that one can play with their family this Diwali as recommended by our favourite gamers.

Check out these multiplayer games:

Nischay Malhan aka Live Insaan - Among Us

Aaditya Sawant - Lieutenant. Shiva Nayak vs Criminals

Ankit Panth aka V3nom- Valorant

Rony Dasgupta - Minecraft

Call of Duty

Rishab Karanwal - The Savage Criminal 2

Rohan Ledwani- Loco Battle Zone

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