Mumbaikars you have got yourselves a new app that *drumroll* lets you RENT A BOYFRIEND! Yes girls, you read it right! Now you have a way to stop building connections and throw money for companionship. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I grew up dreaming about! *facepalm*

The new Rent A Boyfriend app is created by 29 – year old Kaushal Prakash. He claims to have created this ‘masterpiece’(huh!) as a way to ‘cure depression’! I mean, how stupid are the people who actually earn a degree to cure it?

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The solution to curing depression was right there in front of us all this while and we were blind enough to not see it, but thanks to Mr. Kaushal –now we know! You just need a guy in his 20’s with rippling muscles and the educational level of 10th or 12th standard. Duh!

I don’t think I’ve heard anything as disturbing as this in a while. The app is being sold on the premises that depressed people usually just want someone to vent to so they can feel better. The strange thing is that the creator claims to have been a victim of depression himself 3 years ago. If that was the case, he would know that depression is a serious issue and not just random sadness that can be resolved by talking it out. The victims usually want to be alone than in human presence.

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??Our Project RABF (Rent A Boy|Friend) is launched on 15th August. Don’t judge our Website/App by it’s name! Now this is what i need the attention for, Rent A Boy|Friend has a thin line in between which implies restrictions (NO Physicality & NO Private place meets). Our main purpose is to eradicate Depression and provide a Pure friendship to the happy people as well. Let’s stand for Awareness! Visit our website: Our app will be launched on 24th August on iOS and Android #kaushallprakash #rabf #rabflaunch #rabfindia #instarabf #rabfmumbai #rabfpune #rabfconnects #rabfmembers #myrabf #cupid #rentalboyfriendsindia #startup #concept #mumbai #pune #likesforlikes #like4like #trending

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According to DNA, Rent a Boy|Friend offers you 3 types of “boy|friends”. The celebrity boyfriends come for 3000 bucks, the models for 2000 and the commoners for 300-400 an hour. Sell love, cure depression –the world is definitely progressing in a healthy way!

RABF also has a toll-free number which claims to provide you with “psychiatric consultation” while charging you ₹500 for 15-20 minutes of one-on-one interaction with so-called “professional psychiatrists”. Bye bye medicinal psychology, we don’t need you anymore!

Mr. Prakash thinks this makes total sense in a country like India where going to a therapist comes with the stigma of ‘log kya kahenge?’ And to make it more infuriating, he says he doesn’t have a ‘rent a girlfriend’ option because it looks weird in India but it’s okay abroad!

I’m honestly speechless and don’t even want to think about the fact that some people might use this app! This article is an urge to readers to not entertain these tactics and understand the gravity of the issue that depression is and this is nowhere close to a solution for it.