Brunch places in Mumbai that you should be in your list now

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Mumbai Brunch Places

Mumbai is famous for several reasons, and one is the ample options to eat out. From Celebrity Spotting to that amazing omelette, from cozy little cafe to that amazing decor, we got them all.

Mumbai, the city of dreams yet the one that doesn’t know how to sleep. Be it day or night, its forever alive, buzzing with people and activities everywhere. This city is one stop destination for those brimming with star studded dreams in their eyes. What makes this place a pie of aspiration and ambition for the most is it being the birthplace of BOLLYWOOD industry.

The place is proud of rich cultural history and a well balanced urban facilities and lifestyle for all those who thrive to be a part of this town.

Amid the unbelievably high speed at which people move here, there are places where one can take a sigh of relief, laze around and have a good time with the ones they love or themselves and enjoy their favorite food.

So, here is a list of places you can have the happiest and laziest brunches at :

The Little Door cafe


Grandmama’s cafe

Scrumptiious Cafe & Bistro

Citizen Hotel

Jamjar Diner

Bombay coffee house



August Cafe

Bistro 1

The Good Wife

Poetry by love and Cheesecake



Fable, Juhu

London Taxi


Labella Cafe

Tea Villa Cafe

The Pantry

Cafe Kala Ghodha

Love & Latte

The Daily Bar & Kitchen

The Aroma’s

The birdsong cafe


Saltwater Cafe

The Goose & Gridiron

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