A power couple in Kandivali, Mumbai has become an example for everybody with their act of kindness.

In this life where we are busy running around, answering emails so that we can make things better for ourselves there are people who are trying to make a difference. There are people in this world who are making efforts so that someone can live a life of peace. A power couple in Kandivali is making their contribution to the same.

In this chaotic city of dreams, with people always on toes to make it big for themselves, there are people like Ashwini Shenoy Shah who have pledged to make someone else’s dreams come true and to bring change in their own way. This MBA graduate couple has decided to help out their 55-year-old maid in making her life a bit easy so that she can look after her paralysed husband. Even though coming from a well-off Gujarati family decided to open a stall for homemade food like Pohas, Upma, Parathas, Idli etc cooked by their maid who was struggling to find help for her ill husband. They decided to sell these food items from 4 am to 10 am every day before heading to work.

Although the gesture can’t be quantified, the impact it has is large. They decided to put aside a part of their life so that they can be of help to someone. This gesture is good enough to inspire people around the world to believe in humanity and that there is still some good left in the world.

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Posted by Deepali Bhatia on Tuesday, 1 October 2019

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