Today we traversed through the most savage twitter account reminiscing their journey and dug 10 of Mumbai Police’s funniest tweets of 2018 as they complete three years on Twitter.

Mumbai police today marks their third anniversary as the undisputed king of Twitter clap
backs. From using memes to educate people about traffic rules to employing the use of
famous sitcom’s catch-phrases to school us about cyber crimes, PHEW! They have put all of us in a laughter riot over, and over, and over, and over.

Between their witty tweets and spontaneous replies to help our fellow Mumbaikars out there, they have made all of us admire their Twitter game.

A look back to their 10 most iconic tweets this year. Go ahead, you won’t regret it.

  1. That surely made us feel lucky

  1. Well who doesn’t a love a Heath Ledger reference


  1. This post gave as much feels as the songs of this movie did

  1. At least they didn’t disappoint us like the movie

  1. Are they waiting for their Hogwarts’ acceptance letter too?

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  1. The only time Ross didn’t annoy us with this gesture

8.  Winner. Winner. Tweet

  1. Racing the meme game!

  1. We don’t deserve them, do we?

Also, how can we forget the time Mumbai Police schooled Varun Dhawan, well no nepotism

We applaud them for their dedication and also for making it fun while they are at it.
Tell us your favorites Mumbai Police Twitter moments in the comments.