Mumbai Police funny tweets

Alarmingly funny, that is the word defining these 15 Mumbai Police funny Tweets from their official twitter handle @MumbaiPolice.

These insanely hilarious, witty, sarcastic and as many objectives as you can think – 15 Mumbai Police funny Tweets from their official twitter handle will crack you up!

Not only funny, Mumbai Police has been on point with their Twitter game, driving home some really hard hitting messages with all that’s trending! In fact brands have taken more time to jump on a trend!

Kudos Mumbai Police and kudos to their social media team!

1. The best ‘Ghar se nikalte hi kuch dur chalte hi’ meme

2. The meme must be a lot more popular than the actual scene.. Agreed?

3. The Song of the Dead!!

4. O! Sweet Lord!

5. Michael Fassbender joined hands for the cause too

6. When it comes to memes, how could we forget ‘Chai Peelo Aunty’

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7. High at its Best!!

8. I can hear Darwin laughing!!!!

9. The cutest cops ever.. ain’t they!

10. Here comes the Bomb Squad!!

11. A big shout-out to Dadis and Nanis out there…

12. Fraudsters… Beware

13. You have won Rs. 100,000, click here… ‘Bazinga’!!

14. Well, this is “occasional drinking”

15. Ooh.. That burn!!

Are you left with laughing or thinking or both? Well, Mumbai Police will surely help you… Just dial 100.