13 simply legendary Mumbai Police tweets

Mohammad Kanchwala
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13 simply legendary Mumbai Police tweets

The official Mumbai Police Twitter account is absolute GOLD, and they have left no doubts about that. The ever vigilant, watchful protectors of the city of dreams do know how to have some digital fun, and we love them for it.

You would never imagine the people who put a scare in all of us with their intimidating appearance to be so clever and witty, yet it’s a welcome bonus. Combining stern advice and concern with puns and wit is difficult, wouldn’t you say? But, the Mumbai Police Twitter account manages to do it somehow.

Check out some of these wittiest, punniest,and cheekiest tweets from the Mumbai Police Twitter account that will make you wonder how!

1. Yeah why?

2. Drugs are Kryptonite okay?

3. Line mat maaro!

4. Just asking for a friend, does Ravi Shastri do cop chase commentaries?

5. Bee Smart!

6. Apart from the painful childhood flashbacks, this is pretty darn clever.

7. Just no words...

8. Deceit, Delete, Getit?

9. (G)old

10. The copy is a win too!

11. So clever.

12. Alternative Facts anyone?

13. I’m just going to turn off my cell phone, thank you.

Safety with entertainment, I heart Mumbai Police!

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