Mumbai Police and Varun Dhawan prove Twitter is not just for fights

Mohammad Kanchwala
Nov 23, 2017 10:28 IST
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Mumbai Police

Mumbai Police and Varun Dhawan had an interesting Twitter conversation today when the former 'scolded' the Bollywood star for leaning out of his vehicle to click a selfie with a fan.

If you thought Mumbai Police were badass on the streets, you certainly haven’t witnessed their Twitter badassery. Today they proved why they are a force to be reckoned with by sending an e-Challan to Varun Dhawan and the actor too took it in the right spirit and apologized to Mumbai’s finest.

The tweet from Mumbai Police’s account was sent out earlier today, warning Varun Dhawan about the dangers of clicking a picture in the middle of the road by leaning out of his vehicle.

And soo, Varun Dhawan posted a reply, and realized the error in judgement on his part, ensuring he would always put safety first in situations like these in the future.

Pretty chill of Mumbai Police and Varun Dhawan to work things out in such an amicable way, setting an example for millions of fans across the country.

Mumbai Police then replied to Varun’s tweet and even complimented him with some insane subtlety that is sure to put a smile on the actor’s face.


Twitter users who now follow Mumbai Police on Twitter regularly, quickly spotted the tweet and came up with some interesting reactions and suggestions about people who deserve e-Challans too.


Mumbai Police

2. Poor Kejru Mumbai Police

3. Read the Tweet below this image. Mumbai Police

4. Is that not RPF?Mumbai Police

5. Damn.Mumbai Police

6. Ranveer is dressed like a traffic cone. I don't see the problem.

(Yes I know this isn't orange neon but neon nevertheless)Mumbai Police

7. Is that Nana Patekar?

Mumbai Police

8. Of course, how was he not mentioned yet. Mumbai Police

9. And this guy. 

Mumbai Police Mumbai Police Mumbai Police

11. Technically not a vehicle. Technically not a road. Mumbai Police

It’s nice to watch things not get out of hand on Twitter and turn into a messy spectacle of taunts, jibes, abuses and mindless controversies.

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