While our men in Khaki are keeping the streets safe, and Twitter entertained with their witty tweets and wordplay, their counterparts in Bengaluru are setting goals in the very same category. Mumbai Police and Bengaluru City Police are the real law enforcement MVPs on Twitter and we can prove it.

Mumbai or Bengaluru? What do you think?

Let us help you make up your mind with the help of some clever and punny Tweets from the Mumbai Police and Bengaluru City Police Twitter accounts.

1. They made a pun about driving and drugs at the same time! Bangalore : 1

2. Did you just read what I read? Mumbai : 1

3. It actually is. Bengaluru : 2

4. Did they just use Justin Bieber lyrics to preach road safety? OMG. Mumbai : 2

5. WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!! BENGALURU 3!!!!!!!!!!!

6. Another drug pun? How are these guys so good at it? Mumbai 3!

7. Game of Thrones and Star Wars reference in the same tweet? I can’t even.. Bengaluru 4 :O

8. Friends reference? No problem. Mumbai : 4

9. NIKE pun!!! Bengaluru seems to be winning here…. 5 badass tweets from their account!

10. Dog pun. That’s it. I’m done. It’s a tie!

Who do you think wins the race on the Twitter tracks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.