The monsoons have finally hit Mumbai and sadly, they are anything but romantic. The locals are delayed, there is water clogging, and people are distressed. Citizens from around the city have been updating about the shoddy condition of the different areas.

Sion station is so flooded with water that it has to be pumped out; the central line is facing too many delays; there is water clogging in almost all areas –basically, Mumbai Rains are taking a toll on everyone. In times like these, it is very important to stay safe first and foremost, and keep helping other commuters as much as you can.

Here are some insights into how bad the situation really is:

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 Here are some helpline numbers that you should keep handy and pass on so as to be prepared in case you get stuck:

Mumbaikars, please help anyone that you can –share your rickshaw with commuters that may be going to the same location; offer food and water whenever you can, you never know how long someone will be stuck due to rains; and most importantly, travel safely.