Yes, Mumbai Rains at their best and so are back the Mumbai Rains tweets. Take a look, laugh a little, we’re sure the government is doing the same!

It feels like ages since Mumbai saw sunshine. And the entire credit goes to the flood-like Mumbai rains! “It’s raining heavily,” we say. “Swim to work,” they reply. Yes, Mumbai Rains at their best and so are back the Mumbai Rains tweets.

Mumbaikars, like every year have been facing a lot of trouble due to the poor management and drainage systems amidst the famous Mumbai rains. So, while you’re stuck at home or office we compiled some Mumbai Rains tweets that are too painfully true yet funny.

Here’s what they said on Twitter:

1. Romance and Rain don’t gel in Mumbai.

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2. Sacred Rains.

3. Damn Education!

4. Milkshake anyone? No?

5. The struggle is real.

6. Nothing like a deep sleep on a rainy day.

7. Potholes are enough to get the high!

8. If only SRK was our CM.

9. I thought rains was a mythical concept.

10. No need to spend money on a Lonavala trip.

11. All’s well! *drowns*

12. Govt.: That’s a new eco-friendly material we came up with!

13. Traveling is never an issue in Mumbai, they’d said.

14. Saat samundar paar mera ghar hai!

15. Shouldn’t JVLR be on top?

16. You need to get your own food though.

Mumbaikars are trying to get through the day with making light of the troubles. While that’s a good thing, we advise you to never take your safety lightly. Stay safe Mumbai!