Murder Mystery 2 on Netflix is a fun and casual watch that’s predictable in places but has just the right amount of humor, mystery and a dash of Indianness!

Aishwarya Srinivasan
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Murder Mystery 2

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, Murder Mystery 2 is a light hearted action comedy that has plot twists at every moment but will also keep you laughing throughout!

Four years after the two unexpectedly solved their first case together, Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) thought this could be something they could monetise from. So in Murder Mystery 2 the two go on a series of mystery solving for different cases but I guess it was beginner’s luck for the two with their first case as everything since has just gone downhill. The detective agency the two started is not going well and even though they know they should close shop, the almost NYPD detective and the hairdresser don’t want to give up just yet. Nick’s close friend Maharaja aka Vikram (Adeel Akhtar)'s very lavish Indian wedding on an all paid for private island felt like the perfect getaway from their exhaustion of failing at everything.

The two feel like they’ve reached heaven when they see not only the stunning visuals of the island but also their customized goodies and even Indian attires ready in their sizes. The two of them pulled off their lehenga and sherwani made by Manish Malhotra so well! Never would I have imagined to see Rachel Greene from Friends looking so pretty in an attire made in India or Adam Sandlar be so comfortable in a sherwani for every occasion. Not just the clothes, even the sangeet with the Bollywood music playing and the two shaking their leg, Indian cinema style, will always make my heart smile to see representation in a mainstream Hollywood movie. 

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But their Bollywood dream comes to a stop when there’s a murder at the function and the groom is kidnapped. Nick and Audrey are forced to wear their detective hats even when they thought this would be an easy vacation. There are many close to Nick who can be added to the list of suspects. His fiancée Claudette (Melanie Laurent) who was made to sign a brutal prenup before the wedding. His jealous ex fiancée, Countess Sekou (Jodie Turner-Smith). Francisco (Enrique Arce) a former footballer who now handles Vikram’s business and also has many illegitimate children he needs to provide for. Or Saira (Kuhoo Verma) Vikram’s sister who thinks she is better than everyone else. Which one of these could be the mastermind behind this meticulously planned kidnapping is the centre of the film. To solve this, they bring in the best hostage negotiator and Audrey’s favourite, Miller (Mike Strong) who has also written a book about his work. 

While the movie does have some cleverly placed clues there are some parts that we could easily predict. For instance, when someone tells the main characters, “I’ll come back for you guys soon” we’ve watched way too many murder mysteries to know they’re gonna die. But Adam Sandler’s hilarious one liners, dialogue delivery and his camaraderie with Jennifer lights up the screen and makes you feel stress free even in a chaotic scene. The constant plot twists do keep you interested till the very end of the movie but this is one of those classic Adam-Jen comedies where you put your feet up on the sofa and just enjoy the entertainment and go with the flow of the story.   

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