Taylor Swift’s ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ is authentic, poignant and here’s why the Swifties are obsessed!

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The Tortured Poets Department

Taylor Swift’s latest album came out on April 19 and the Swifties have a lot to say about it!

It’s been four days since the ‘Mother’ aka Taylor Swift released her new album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’. The title is something that her ex boyfriend Joe Alwyn mentioned in one of his interviews years back. He spoke about being on a Whatsapp group with his male friends and they named it ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ where basically they rant about their relationships and more. Taylor being her classic self named her new album as a taunt to that. The album dropped at midnight on April 19 and has a total of 31 songs. Everyone knows the power of the Swifties. They play a huge role in the current pop culture scenario as the bond between them and their Idol is unparalleled. Taylor Swift is popularly known as the master of lyrics and one of the most favorite things that Swifties love doing is in fact sitting and decoding those lyrics each time a new album comes out. In her latest one, many of the songs are said to be about her exes Joe Alwyn, who she dated for 6 years and Matty Healy, who she dated right after Joe for less than two months. One of the songs ‘ThanK you aIMee’ is also said to be based on her incident with Kim Kardashian which was related to one of Kanye West’s songs. 

She also collabed with Post Malone for the very first track on the album called ‘Fortnight’ and the music video for it also dropped on the same day. The music video also had a lot of nods at her ex Matty Healy. For instance, the entire video was shot in black and white which was a theme his band ‘1975’ chose for some of their songs. Even the costumes were a nod to what his band wore during their world tour in 2022. One of the other tracks in her album, a song named ‘Clara Bow’ is a tribute to the silent film actress and talks about the treatment of women in the industry and her own experiences with it. 

Taylor Swift’s album is not just a list of tracks just released together, it always has a story to tell. It is her journey, her heartbreaks and her introspection about things that her fans really love to hear and resonate with. These are all instances that are coming straight from her heart and that’s what connects with the audience the most. The album, ever since its release, has shattered streaming records as expected and the Swifties want an insight into which song is about whom from Taylor herself. And with her on-going Eras Tour which has been all over social media since last year, fans also speculate if the new album would make it to the rest of the shows. 

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For now, here's a chaos of emotions the Swifties went through on the day of the release!

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