When Twitter went #ThrowbackThursday for musical love

Jagruti Verma
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musical love

Musical love in the Twitterverse has many facets. Here we bring you a few, wrapped in keywords, hashtag, nostalgia, smiles and a warm hug

Music is a form of expression that defies all constructs. Its appreciation too comes in various forms, with nostalgia being one of the biggies. Coupled with digital tools, the world of musical love has expanded like none other. From heartfelt messages to memes — there is something for and by everyone. Here we bring you the essence of the popular ways.

Nostalgia at its tech best

When a different meaning conjures up every time you revisit

Extended fam, peer, support system

That stud feel holding it

The best kind of lost and found

Creating memories, building community

Precious connections in the making

Memes are a part of the game, of course

Albums that defined, shaped childhoods

Can relate to this? Music was incomplete without Cassettes

Peace, quiet and a warm blanket

In the end, all we can say is...

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