Twitterati are sharing their ‘My Rahul Bose Moment’ and they are cracking us up!

Mansi Mirani
Jul 25, 2019 13:01 IST
My Rahul Bose Moment

On July 22nd, actor Rahul Bose posted a video on Twitter that left everyone gasping. He was staying at the famous chain of hotels, JW Marriot, in Chandigarh during a shoot schedule. When Rahul ordered two bananas and got served with a bill ₹442 (you read it right!), he was shocked and rightly so. After he posted the video showing the receipt and sarcastically thanking the hotel, it caught the attention of the netizens.

Soon enough, people took to Twitter to tweet about their very own similar experiences, terming them as My Rahul Bose Moment! We’ve all had our fair share of those, haven’t we? There have always been times where we feel we are being over-charged for a product or service and curse them under our breath. Well, looks like we’re calling them out now and how!

Check out some of the funniest My Rahul Bose Moment tweets we came across:

Are you kidding me with this?

I hope you didn't go for SOTY 2 then...


'Mess'ed up, isn't it?

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This has to be the worst.

Gotta face the consequences.

Finally! It was high time that high-end hotels and brands got called out on their insane pricing and we hope they get affected by this too!

Share your ‘My Rahul Bose Moment’ with us!

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