We all dole out 280-character wisdom on a daily basis. However, tweets that resemble a TED talk really stand out. Here are a few you should read today!

Twitterverse is a space where netizens share (sometimes overshare) and express everything they can’t otherwise. Sometimes, certain thoughts and experiences have a deeper meaning within them. It could range from mindless humour to suffocating truths — here are a few ‘Welcome to my TED talk’ gems we found during our scrolls.

Let’s start with some positivity

All the cuteness you deserve (and need!)

Let’s be honest, he asked for it!

Being a cat person is simple, really

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Conditional warmth of a fuzzy hoodie

Colour, colour on the plum, how lighter/darker is the rum?

No one messes around with pizza!

Selflessness does pay, are you patient enough?


All the book lovers out there — do you have an answer?

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