Mythpat, the YouTuber won after two consecutive nominations at The Streamy Awards.

Mithilesh Patankar, aka Mythpat, known for his entertainment, comic, and gaming videos on YouTube has become the only Indian to win the internationally acclaimed The Streamy Awards 2021 by YouTube. With over 11 million subscribers on YouTube, Mythpat was nominated for the ‘International’ Category alongside Anasala (Saudi Arabia, Enaldino (Brazil), Mikecrack (Spain), and Tokai on-air (Japan). The YouTuber bagged the award after being nominated twice in a row (2020 and 2021). 

YouTube Streamy Awards nominees for 2021 were announced in early October, honoring the top content creators, shows, and marketing campaigns across 47 categories. The YouTube Streamy Awards, is a video awards program put on to acknowledge and honor the best in online video, including directing, acting, producing, and writing.

Entertainment, gaming, and comics are hot areas for Mythpat. Popularly known for adding a dose of humor and mimicry in his gaming videos, Mythpat has successfully blurred the lines and brought together both gaming and entertainment communities under one roof. Capturing the attention of millions of people across the world through his fun and joyful content, Mythpat has pioneered in transforming the gameplay scene in India. Additionally, this year, he had launched India’s first gaming and entertainment podcast – The Mythpat Podcast on Spotify which ranked #1 in 2021. 

Overwhelmed to be the only YouTuber to be recognized at The Streamy Awards 2021, Mythpat said: “This is almost a dream come true moment for me. Like last time, I felt I may only be nominated and not bring the award home. I busted with excitement when I heard my name under the international category. I am extremely happy to make my family, friends, country, and Indian YouTube community proud. This successfully completes the list of all my goals for this year. Time to make newer goals for the year to come.” 

“It is my passion for mimicking and gameplay that has helped me sail through this far. This win is emblematic of the content I am probably creating is of good taste, and this further motivates me to entertain people with the right content. It is a huge responsibility to maintain universally engaging content and I look forward to the challenges ahead” adds Mythpat.

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