While the story fell flat, the Janta seems to have loved Dhanush's double role in Naane Varuvean

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Naane Varuvean

Naane Varuvean starring Dhanush released in the cinemas on September 30. Let's find out what the Janta thought of the paranormal drama!

Naane Varuvean is directed by Selvaraghavan who reunited with Dhanush after a decade for this movie. This film is written by Dhanush himself who went with a no-promotion strategy which seemed to have worked in the film’s favor. The story revolves around twin brothers Prabhu and Kathir, both played by Dhanush. Due to a lot of irreconcilable differences, Prabhu and Kathir decide to go their separate ways and live their lives the way they wish to. Many years later, Prabhu is happily married to Bhuvana (Indhuja Ravichandran) and they have a daughter, Sathya (Hiya Davey). She's the center of his world, to the point where he does not want to have another child and share his love at all.

But suddenly his whole world turns upside down when he starts experiencing some paranormal activities in his house that affect his daughter. He reaches out to a psychiatrist (Yogi Babu) and also finds a team of young ghostbusters to help save his daughter. But in the process of this, he learns who exactly is behind these paranormal activities which then forces him to meet his long-lost twin. We also see Eli Avram in a pivotal role in the film.

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Was the Janta happy to see Dhanush in a double role? Let's find out!

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