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Neil Patrick Harris

Barney Stinson is one of the most beloved characters till date. His quirkiness, fun antics, high fives, fashion sense, magic tricks and most importantly his loyal friendship for the gang has stayed with us. Barney might be a womaniser but Neil is a happily married.

Neil Patrick Harris turns 46 today and he is one of the few celebrities that seem to be living a fairy tale life! Why do we say that? Read on to know.

With profiles as diversified as they can get in the entertainment industry, this man is a jack of all trades. He is most famous for his roles in Doogie Howser, M.D where he played the title character, Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, and Count Olaf in A Series Of Unfortunate Events.

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But another thing that caught our attention was that how Stinson as a character is kind of contrasting to Harris in real life. While the goofy Barney is all about being a casanova and commitment phobe, Neil is equally committed and happily married since 2014 to David Burtka. Although the reel and real personalities meet at the fatherhood junction. Just like Barney embraced his daughter and would move mountains for her, Neil Patrick Harris is always seen doting over his twins –Gideon and Harper. He also always makes it a point to proclaim how much he loves his husband –how much more adorable could he get?








Well, what can we say about this perfect man? Except that I’m sure everyone wants a partner like him! Happy Birthday to this legen—wait for it—dary man!

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