Ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the Modi wave has turned to fashion with ministers and supporters sporting the #NaMoAgain look

On a lighter note, t-shirts with logos sprawled across them are known to make the wearer look like a walking billboard for the brand. Narendra Modi and team seem to be acing this game. With t-shirts starting at Rs 199 and hoodies at about Rs 499, among a variety of other products on the list, Modi-themed goods have been available on his application since September last year. Today, they are also available on major e-commerce platforms. Brand NaMo Merchandise is being furiously used as a part of #NaMoAgain, here’s how.

Talk about using influencers!

For any successful brand, using influencers to make a product look cool is a thumb rule. By posting such pictures, team Bharatiya Janata Party is not just using their ministers as influencers but also breaking free from the khadi-clad narrative of sarkari torchbearers.

Comfort wear for work?

The brand had hit headlines when a Lok Sabha MP wore a NaMo hoodie to work, aka the Indian Parliament! The blatant nature of campaigning for the boss is a discourse one could indulge in at leisure within the context of this move — as a brand however, it’s a win-win!

Controversies Galore

Not everything is fun and games in the NaMo world though. Earlier this year, a man posted a picture of himself with his wife where the duo could be seen wearing identical NaMo t-shirts. However, just as the internet was swooning over this rom-com tale, the woman called him out, alleging physical abuse and emotional trauma.

Brand building with a strong rhetoric

Election campaigns are meant to have strong rhetoric. After all, you are asking people to choose you to decide on how to divide time and resources that they help accumulate. When it comes to NaMo, the creativity sure is off the roof!

Personification of messages

Using a fashion label makes it easier for brands to target people — for the simple reason that with such merchandises, the message is personified, pulling people in tow. Carefully chosen colours and fonts help build the required personality and create magic, eventually.

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