#NamoInIsrael: These memes of Modiji on the beach are lit AF

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#NamoInIsrael: These memes of Modiji on the beach are lit AF

#NamoInIsrael. Not only that, in Israel on a beach with Netanyahu! And as you guessed, memes were on the way. Have fun!

Narendra Modi’s Israel visit gave tweeps another chance to take a dig & roll out a wave of memes Ft Netanyahu. Some people did take offense, but that didn't stop the creative minds from making the beach visit viral.

Go through some of the best ones that won't stop you from chuckling! You have our word....

NaMoste Israel's Neta (nyahu)

Let’s take a dip in the sea of #NamoInIsrael memes

Like every diplomatic writer, no comments

The road of this friendship has been smooooth AF

This only gets better with every Tweet!

Trippy vacations be like….

Na chode yaaariyannn ?

Well, not all of us our blessed with such BFFS, you know who're the PM of another country and rich AF. Sigh!

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