In the wake of the recent Coronavirus crisis, PM Narendra Modi has declared a Janata Curfew on 22nd March. He also declared the formation of an economic task force to bring stability to the economy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday 19th March made an announcement regarding the recent COVID-19 crisis. India has till date reported 175 cases with four death which has led to people going for social distancing and isolation. PM addressed the people of the country and asked for their time and patience. Declaring a Janata curfew on Sunday 22nd March Narendra Modi’s announcement encouraged people to participate in the same to help curb the current situation.

Here is all that was mentioned in PM Narendra Modi’s announcement:

1. Janata Curfew from 7 am to 9 pm announced on 22nd March Sunday.
This is not a legal curfew, but one that the citizens should follow to build/show unity and solidarity during these difficult times which is akin to a war.

2. Citizens who are in the age group of 60+ should remain indoors.

3. Citizens should be vigilant and avoid stepping out of the house.

4. Avoid going for a regular or routine check-up and if surgeries can be postponed, try to do so.

5. Economic Response Taskforce under the leadership of FM Sitharaman will be set up to plan economic stability and damage recovery due to Covid-19

6. Do not panic shop or hoard food supplies.
Multiple initiatives are underway to ensure no supply-side shortage.

7. Please don’t cut wages of the daily wage workers such as house help, gardeners, drivers. As that might affect them drastically.

8. On 22nd at 5 pm, stand out on the balcony and spare 5 mins to appreciate service providers who continue to operate in these difficult times.

9. To stay away from rumours and check facts.

He also took to Social Media to give out more details about the Janata Curfew:

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