Check out all these amazing Navratri dance covers by your favourite creators and Choreographers.

Navratri and the whole excitement of the festival is about having the chance to be on a ground, matching steps with people. Navratri without Garba and dancing is like Ram and Leela, inn donno ke love me duniya ka kya kaam. This is the time of the month when we get to hear classic Gujarati songs and shake a leg with each beat. The high that we get while being on a Garba ground is unmatched and hard to explain. It is something that one has to experience. 

Sadly, this year non of the Garba lovers will get to experience it in full as the COVID guidelines restrict us from gathering in huge crowd. Although people are up for the idea of Zoom Garba nights, the feel is definitely not going to be the same. No matter how hard or different it is, we must enjoy the festivities in all its glory and fun. Your favourite Creators and Choreographers are certainly feeling the Navratri excitement and have shared dance covers that will have you dancing within seconds.

Check out these Navratri dance covers:

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