These Navratri makeup looks by Beauty Influencers will put you in a festive mood

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Navrati Inspiration

Navrati is the season of, food, dance, fun and fancy outfits! We won't have all of it this season, but your favourite beauty influencers will put you in a festive mood with these Navratri beauty looks.

Navrati is halfway through and we can't wait to bring to you what our magnificent content creators are elevating this festive occasion by all means! Even though we are in between a pandemic, won't be able to attend public gatherings for Garba, and Dandiya nights, what we can surely do is make the most of things - that already exist around us, safely. And your favourite beauty influencers are certainly here to help you create some stunning Navratri makeup looks.

From creating striking make-up looks using the popular Navrati 'colour of the day' to experimenting with the festive vibe, there's something for all makeup enthusiasts. So, dress it and feel the festive spirit but whatever you do or wear, stay safe and wear a mask!

Check out some of our content creators, creating magic with these Navratri makeup looks:

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#NavrasNavratri 2020 has been the year when we atleast started talking about emotions, something so embedded in the essence of Indian culture, Bharata Natya Shastra gave us Navaras where Nava stands for nine and Ras stands for emotions. According to this Sanskrit manuscript, every human has 9 basic emotions and must feel all of them, Indian classical dances like Bharatnatiyam, Kathakali base their performances on these nine ras. Another fascinating thing that this manuscript mentions is that whenever you experience a particular ras, your aura turns to the colour of the ras. Every ras also has a presiding deity that overlooks the emotion. For day 2 of #NavrasNavratri we have #Hasya Ras, Hasya ras is the emotion of happiness and laughter. This happiness exudes from your soul and body and is contagious. Your aura turns white when you feel Hasya 🤍 #shreyajain #Navratri2020 #Culture #Nofilter

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