7 Navratri series by creators that are radiating happy energy and prepping us for the festive season

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Navratri series

If an outfit inspiration is what you're looking for so you can slay all nine days, then these Navratri series by creators are what you need.

All we need in this day and time is some peace of mind, thanks to the stressful life we all have going on. But more importantly, what we really need is to be able to look our best so we can share how wonderful we look with the online world. No matter how bad a day is there's nothing that a well-put-together outfit cannot fix. We're back celebrating another festive season and even though we may look homeless the rest of the year, we have to and wish to make the effort to look our best for the nine days. And our creators have us covered in that department with their Navratri series.

Navratri is the time we put all the effort into looking good so we can go on the dance floor with our friends and sweat it out. This is the only time when we don't mind being all stinky and covered in sweat. Since we also have to be present on the gram and give our followers a look at how amazing we would look, we decided to scroll through our creators' pages to see what they have in store for us. And like always, they have been creating content for the festive season by sharing their ideas and ways one can dress up.

If you are looking for ideas, then you should check out these series!

Kritika Khurana - #NavratriWithBoho

Sakshi Sindwani - #FinallyFestiveWithSakshi

Pooja Mundhra aka The Cozy Vibe - #9daysofNavratri

Sreemayi Reddyy - #navrathriWithSR

Farheen Panjwani - #QuickHacksWithFarheen

Shreeja Bagwe

Ashi Khanna - #FestiveWithAK

Happy Navratri!

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