Neel Salekar collaborates with D'Evil on his million celebration song, JInklo

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Neel Salekar aka Just Neel Things celebrates hitting 1 million on Instagram by collaborating with D'Evil on his song 'JInklo.'

Guess who decided to celebrate becoming one of the top creators of the 1 million club with a song of their own? Neel Salekar aka Just Neel Things. The actor, filmmaker, content creator, and now musician, has been the most entertaining part of the Indian content community. Along with his friends, Neel has given the digital audience a way to find our regular lives dramatized in the most fun and hilarious way. He's proven himself as an artist by showing the diversity of his talents. Although he makes us laugh with his humor, we're not kept from his actor side. Neel has given us a glimpse of his ability to emote, and his video ‘300 Realisations‘ is proof! The video was released when he hit 300K on his Instagram as a way to thank his followers and everyone who supported him. He decided to surprise his followers again after he hit a million milestones with his song 'JInklo'.

As part of the celebration and to announce this milestone, he decided to collaborate with everyone's favorite and members of Gully Gang, Indian rappers, D'Evil, and Kanchan. Neel has always shown and celebrated every little win in his own way, and creating this song was also a part of this celebration. He dedicated the latest win by calling it a track 'which is by a creator and for the creator community.'

Neel Salekar is elated to have received so much love from his fans. Here's what he had to say, “For me, my journey in content creation till now, reaching a million followers on Instagram, is a Win for me among many other things. Jinklo, meaning 'I Won!', is basically what the song is all about. I love listening to Gully Gang songs and that's how D'Evil, Karan Kanchan, and I came together to speak about my content creation journey and everything that is associated with it. This track is dedicated to all those Content Creators who aim to be original with their content and try their best to entertain the audience! It is made, not only to celebrate my success but for everyone who's trying their best to leave a mark in this field. And my message to everyone is, "Mitra, aapan Jinklo!"

You've got to listen to his song!

Congratulations Neel! Here's wishing to achieve more in the coming years.

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