Netflix's fun and quirky way of announcing the status of the show is winning us over

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Netflix's announcements related to shows like Money Heist, Never Have I Ever, Sex Education, and Mismatched are fun as well as quirky! Check them out!

Netflix has its own quirky and fun way of announcing shows and upcoming seasons. They finally understand the sentiment of the audience wanting to know more about the show. Hence they've started with a new way of telling people about new seasons as well as the status of the show. In relation to its four shows, Sex Education, Never Have I Ever, Money Heist, and Mismatched, this is what they've done.

The second season of Never Have I Ever was released sometime back and created quite an impact. But as soon as its second season ended, Netflix announced its third season in a very quirky style to get the audience excited. And while we knew that Money Heist Season 5 is coming and it's going to be the last ride, the platform knew the eagerness in the audience and released an anthem of its own. As far as Sex Education is concerned, their new season date announcement is the quirkiest. Mismatched is so wildly popular, given how it's a coming-of-age show that's produced in India and Netflix released a video telling us that they are now filming yet again.

Check out these posts here that we call 'the new way of storytelling'!

Money Heist Part 5 Vol 1 and Sex Education is slated to release on September 3 and 17 respectively.

Don't you think that Netflix has found a really cool way to announce dates and new seasons?

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