#BingeReccomends: Netflix's Principles of Pleasure will 'arouse' a better understanding of women's sexual needs

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Principles of Pleasure

Hold on to your seats because this ride can be uncomfortable as Netflix's Principles of Pleasure talks about the most hushed topic - women's sexual pleasure!

We often joke about how despite all the advancements that humans have achieved, there's one thing that man, in particular, has never been able to find - the G spot. For years, talking about a woman's sexual pleasure was always hushed away despite them playing an active part in anything and everything intimate. Netflix's Principles of Pleasure is about educating, helping people understand, and unlearn all these misconceptions that we have been taught over the years.

Principles of Pleasure is a limited docu-series narrated by Michelle Buteau and directed by Niharika Desai. The series features scientists, educators, therapists, and ordinary women/non-binary persons and divides the myths surrounding women's pleasure into three episodes. Each episode dives deep into the aspects that every person should be aware of if they want to lead a healthy sex life with their partner. The narrator, Michelle Buteau says, "Pleasure is not a ‘nice to have.’ It’s a 'need to have'.” and that pretty much sums up the whole show.

Animation Helps 'The Principles of Pleasure' Demystify the Complex World of  Sex | Animation World Network

As Indians, sex education was close to nonexistent in our lives. The only sex ed we ever received was the 10th chapter in our Biology class that briefly talked about the human anatomy. And all that we can actually remember is the giggles and the way our teachers tried to brush away the talks of sex without actually talking about it. And that includes talking about the importance of condoms and contraceptives for safer sex. We can all agree that the source of our knowledge of sex comes from our friends who themselves learn about it from movies and documentaries.

What makes this docu-series worth watching is that it's not preachy or boring in any way. Without it sounding like a lecture, the series is more like a conversation that we should have with our family and friends. Although we have scientists and therapists who talk and share in-depth info on every aspect of women's sexual needs that have been considered dirty for decades, this docuseries explores all the facts and myths about women’s sexual pleasure in a light-hearted, fun way and the beautiful animations definitely help! We see these people talk about how the body works, orgasms, and how our own perception of our body impacts our sex life. They also discuss the idea of what is considered desirable by our culture for years and the myths and misconceptions around the same.

The Principles of Pleasure: Release Date, Trailer and More

For someone who comes from the same system with zero knowledge of what happens down there growing up, this documentary opened a whole new world. It does not cater only to people who have an active sexual life, but to everyone who wants to know more about a woman's body. It's about finding that connection with our own body as women, understanding the matrix of it, and knowing what makes you happy.

No matter what you want to learn about from the show, one thing you should be excited about is Lola's assortment of toys!

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Dirty Lola, the founder of Sex Ed A-Go-Go

In the list of reasons to watch this docu-series- different kinds of orgasms, yep, KINDS of orgasms that women don't know about or haven't experienced. This docu-series is for everyone. Read young, old, straight, queer, nonbinary, trans individuals, and also men. The series itself has a representation of all women with a mix of race, religion, and body type.

Watch the trailer here:

The show is your chance to delete all the prenotions about what sex means in women's lives and educate yourself. Because hey, who doesn't want to have an amazing sex life, right?

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