You can't miss the netizens' reaction to Instagram's messenger update

Priyanka Parmar
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You can't miss the netizens' reaction to Instagram's messenger update

Instagram is a gift that keeps on giving but sometimes it's not a gift you want. And the social media platform's latest messenger update is just one example of it, suggest Netizens' reactions.

Instagram is one social media platform that is constantly adding new and "inspired" features to the app. Be it Reels or Guides or Instagram Rooms or even the latest cross-messenger updates, the app seems to be working towards making this an all-inclusive app with combined features of several other apps. The latest one to join the already-existing ones is the cross-messenger update that lets you combine your chats from both, Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to change the colour of your chat to give it a new look and more.

messenger update

As always, the internet has a lot to say about this update, and here are some interesting and hilarious tweets to paint you a picture.

Take a look:

Tell us if you're enjoying the new messenger update or not!


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