Netizens share their confused reaction to Netflix's dating show, Sexy Beasts

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Sexy Beasts

Here's how people reacted to the trailer of Netflix's new dating reality show called Sexy Beasts.

Netflix is being weird again. The popular streaming site keeps asking its audience if they are still watching and guess what Netflix, we are and we are completed confused too. The platform recently released the trailer for one of its upcoming dating reality show called Sexy Beasts and the show is as weird as it can get. The show will see many real-life singles who will meet up with new people while dressed in elaborate and funky makeup. It's all about people falling in love not by judging a person by their looks but by their personalities.

Check it out:

While the concept of the show seems interesting, the fact that these individuals actually go on dates with their furry looks has creeped the internet out. These people go on blind dates while dressed up as animals, devil, goblin, a scarecrow, a character from the “Wizard of Oz” and whatnot. After going on a number of dates with each contestant, each has to choose who their Sexy Beast will be to see their actual face.

The streaming site also has a different dating reality show called Too Hot To Handle, which has a bunch of attractive human beings stuck on an island trying to find love without getting intimate. Guess in between creating all the amazing content, Netflix also manages to tick the weird shows list. People on the internet had their own reactions that they couldn't keep from sharing.

Here's what they had to share:


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