Ever felt tempted to try something that looked good on someone online? Here are some feel good never have I ever before instances to add to your to-do!

There is a sense of comfort in knowing that you are not alone, especially when it comes to experimenting with makeup and other beauty products. We scrolled through Twitter to bring you instances where all went well. After all, how will you ever know if you never try?  Add these to your to-do and scratch out the never have I ever before against them!

Glitter away, royalty

Red is for everyone!

Your mascara, your choice

DIY is the secret to happiness

Ink them with love, shall we?

Let’s fall in love, shall we?

Waterproof products: Add to cart

Shop well, you!

Like a splash of colour

Rewards galore, happy faces

Bonus: Positive thoughts only!

Bonus: Love thyself!