New Superman comes out as bisexual in DC comics

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New Superman comes out as bisexual in DC comics

Fans of DC comics share their reactions to New Superman coming out as bisexual.

If there's a superhero who has been a part of our childhood, it's Superman. It's been 80 years since the first issue of the world-saving hero from another planet became a part of our childhood and since then he's been there and done that. He has fought ruthless villains, teamed up with fellow superheroes in saving the world, and taught us what a good superhero should do. Among all these issues, one thing that remained constant was his lover and a colleague of his non-superhero disguise. Lois Lane is a strong, independent journalist who makes sure the people of Metropolis know who saved the day. But the latest edition of DC comics will see the New Superman fall in love with a man. Watching one of the archetypal superheroes like Superman come out has to be one of the most influential things to happen in the comic world. And this news was introduced on World Coming Out day.

Jonathan Kent aka the new Superman, the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane will not shy away from having a same-sex relationship and will come out as bisexual. Jon will be seen having a relationship with a man called Jay. Jon has proved to be very responsible and aware of various socially important issues. Since the release of the new series, Superman: Son of Kal-El, Jon has dealt with high school shootings, protested the deportation of refugees in Metropolis, and also combated wildfires caused by climate change. According to the writer, Tom Taylor, he wanted the new Superman to fight and stand for real-world problems.

Even though Superman's coming out is a big deal, we've already heard of many character introductions who belong to the LGBTQIA+ community. In recent times, we've seen comic book giants bringing in inclusivity and diversity with new characters and opening the horizon of their sexual orientation. We saw Batman's sidekick Robin, Tim Brake, not Dick Grayson and even a character from Aquaman positioned as heroes from the community. Marvel also has its own share of queer heroes, the most recent being the Norse god, Loki. News has gathered attention among the fans and they had their own reactions to share on Twitter. While there's been a ton of positive responses, there have also been people who have reacted negatively to it. Some fans believe that it was an empowering move to introduce a quintessential superhero as bi while others think that it was unnecessary.

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