New Trend Alert: Netizens dive into the Arabian Nights trend and it's time you try it too!

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Arabian Nights trend

Will Smith's Arabian Nights is the new trend in town that you don't want to miss out on.

What is social media if not a place for us to have a new trend to try? Despite how much we might hate listening to the same audio and watching people do the same trend, we also know how much we enjoy them! These trends make our Instagram an interesting place to be and it's always intriguing to watch what new the internet has to offer, and if you're here then you'll leave knowing that you're not disappointed. And the Arabian Nights trend is no different!

Transition videos always manage to grab our attention. Watching a person go from homeless to someone ready to take over the world is the kind of content we can never get bored of. But watching people use the same audio can be a bit too much after a point. For such people who are looking for new trends to try, Arabian Nights is the perfect one. The trend is set on the Will Smith's version of Arabian Nights from Disney's movie Alladin. It starts off with a filter that makes your phone look broken only for them to transition into an Arabian prince and princess when the beat drops.

If you haven't come across this trend, then check these out!

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