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Check out these interesting New Year's Eve party games to add more fun to your celebrations!

The year is coming to an end and it definitely calls for celebrations on all fronts. If you're one of those who plan on bringing in the New Year with a kick-ass house-party then we have something that will gain you the super-host credit for sure. Besides the booze, food and music there is one thing that adds more competitive excitement to any party and it's none other than games! Yes, we've curated some super fun and competitive New Year's Eve party games for you to add to your bash.

Take a look at these New Year's Eve party games and let the crazy celebrations begin:

1) Two Resolutions and a Lie

If your party is bogging down, try Two Resolutions and a Lie to liven things up. Each guest presents three resolutions, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. As each guest takes turns sharing theirs, the other guests try to discern which two are true and which is the lie. If you wish, you can have guests keep track of their guesses and award a prize to the one with the most correct.

2) Who’s the Winner?

Everybody loves to win prizes, and with this game, all of your guests will go home happy. During the party, randomly call out questions. Whoever answers gets a prize. 

3) Balloon Pop Charades

Fill inflated balloons with New Year’s related words and phrases. Have your guests take turns popping the balloons and acting out the word(s) or phrases on the slip of paper. Keep track of the time required for each player to discover their answer. The guest with the shortest time wins the game. 

4) Highlights of the Year

This adult New Year's Eve party game is all about getting the conversation going at your party and hearing about everyone's favorites and memories from the past year. "Most Embarrassing Moment of the Year," "Best Move of the Year," and "Favorite Holiday Memory of the Year" are just a few of our favorites.

5) Who spoons fast?

Be the first to fill up your champagne flute from a big bowl of bubbly (or whatever else strikes your fancy) in this fun relay race. The catch? You can only use a teaspoon to transfer it into your glass.

6) Shake Your Booty 

 Fill a tissue box with ping-pong balls and attach a belt or rope to the box so you can tie it around someone’s waist. Have the opening facing out. Players must shake their booties to get all the ping-pong balls out before the time’s up.

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7) Would you rather

In this unique version of the typical Would You Rather game, pair up people and see who can guess what the other person will answer on the count of 3! 

8) Name that tune

Break into two teams and see who can name the hit songs from 2019 first! 

9) Russian roulette

Russian Roulette is a drinking game based upon the infamous, deadly game of Russian Roulette. The exceptions being the gun and bullet are replaced. In this case, the 'gun' is in actuality a plate of six shot glasses, representing the chamber of a revolver, and the bullet is one shot of clear vodka, straight.

10) Karaoke Sing-Off 

Research the top songs of the year. Using the 20 most-played hits, encourage guests to sing their hearts out. For an added twist, list song titles on slips of paper and have guests draw a song to sing.

 11) M&M Straw Game 

This is a fun and silly game to play at your New Year’s party! Get some straws, bowls, and most importantly – M&M’s for a competition to see who can get the most M&M’s in their bowl. 

12) Fly Banana 

 This New Year’s game is a bit on the silly side – so you will have to have players who aren’t afraid of looking crazy to play! Tie a banana at the end of a string to each player’s waist. They then have to roll an orange, using only the banana into the middle of a hula hoop. This game is sure to bring hysterical laughter with it.

13) Truth or Dare Jenga 

Have a fantastic time with this exciting and hilariously fun game. Every time you pick a block you also spill a truth or do a dare given to you by the other players. You will be dying of laughter by the end and also know a few secrets. 

14) Never Have I Ever 

 We all have heard this game called by many names, the most common being “I Have Never…”. Trust us when we say this will be one of the most fun additions to your New Year's Eve party games. It’s fun in large groups, and you definitely learn a lot about others while playing. One person starts by stating something that they have never done (for example “I’ve never been skydiving”), those people that HAVE been skydiving have to take a sip of their drink.

Which of these New Year's Eve party games will you be trying your hand at?

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