Cannes 2024 Day 8 highlights: Radhika Apte's Sister Midnight and Sean Baker's Anora premieres

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Cannes 2024 Day 8 highlights

Cannes 2024 Day 8 highlights

Day 8 of the 77th Cannes Film Festival was light but very intriguing as Cate Blanchett made a pro-Palestine fashion statement while Radhika Apte and Sean Baker's films had their premieres! 

If Cannes' lovers were missing political statements on the red carpet then Cate Blanchett's subtle hint towards her pro-Palestine statement with her ensemble will not disappoint. Even the Olympic torch showed up at the infamous red steps to take a walk! Apart from this, Radhika Apte's film Sister Midnight, Sean Baker's film Anora, and other films had their screening, keeping the spirit alive of standing ovations after premieres.

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Here are some highlights from day 8! 

Sister Midnight premieres at Director's Fortnight 

Radhika Apte's Sister Midnight premiered at the Director's Fortnight at Cannes. Karan Kandhari's debut film, also starring Ashok Pathak (Panchayat's Binod), is a dark comedy about a newly married couple who struggles because the wife is unlike any other. 

Sean Baker's Anora enjoyed a good 7.5-minute standing ovation 

Florida Project and Tangerine's filmmaker Sean Baker brings out his new film Anora at the Cannes competition. The film is about a sex worker who falls in love with the son of a Russian oligarch and after its premiere, it received a solid 7.5-minute standing ovation. 

Cate Blanchett's subtle pro-Palestine fashion statement 

Australian actor-producer Cate Blanchett was seen adorning a black, green, and white gown on the red carpet, giving a subtle pro-Palestine message. In the past, she has been quite vocal about her ceasefire amidst the ongoing Israel-Hamas war and has also signed a ceasefire letter. 


Marcello Mio and Parthenope had its premiere 

Marcello Mio by Christophe Honore is a French-Italian comedy that taps into Chiara Mastroianni's complex reality of being the daughter of cinema icons Marcello Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve. After its premiere, the film received an 8-minute standing ovation. Starring Gary Oldman, Della Porta, and others, Parthenope by celebrated auteur Italian filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino received a whopping 9.5-minute standing ovation. The film is about a woman named Parthenope and her journey to freedom. 

The Olympic flame on the infamous Cannes red steps 

Apart from all the celebs and glam, the Olympic flame was also part of the red carpet walk this year. Passed on from one Olympic athlete to another, the torch, with the sports personalities, was there to watch and support the documentary Olympiques! La France des Jeux.

More films were screened 

The Un Certain Regard section also saw the screenings of The Village Next to Paradise and September Says and the special premieres of Being Maria and Le Fil

With this wrap-up, you are all caught up with the highlights from Cannes Day 8! As this 10-day festival goes on, catch up on everyday highlights and snippets from Indian content creators attending the festival with us! 

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