Presenting the father of all come backs Nokia 3310

Mohammad Kanchwala
Feb 15, 2017 14:43 IST
Presenting the father of all come backs Nokia 3310
As soon as it was rumored that the beloved Nokia 3310 was about to make a comeback, #Nokia3310 did something that the phone just wouldn’t do! It ‘broke’ the internet. Twitter exploded with tweets and memes, people reminiscing the good times.

It was a rush of nostalgia, optimism, and affection dating back to simpler times, when carrying a phone charger with one meant you were going out for days, and when one would not have a heart attack if they dropped their phone on the ground. The ground had a minor one actually!

Well, the Nokia 3310 is on its way back, and it has brought memes with it. Call it humor or simply fond memories, here are some priceless Nokia 3310 memes that you will relate to if you had the pleasure of owning one.

1. No surprises here, except why the sword did not break!

2. But what are those VLC players doing in the background right?

3. Also trying to fit what you have to say into 160 characters, anyone?

4. Is this how the dinosaurs died?

5. It's a true story *wipes tear*

6. *Earth begins to shake* *Gods appear* *run away terrified*

7. You mean 24 days right?

8. This is a new meme! So don’t even try...

9. I mean how else would you test a Nokia phone am I right?

10. Indeed.

11. This and Space Impact anyone?

12. Same.

13. If you are one of those guys who need proof, here have some.

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